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“Learn How a Serial Jittery Yipper Accidentally Discovers the 2 Stupidly Simple Secrets to Sink Almost All Putts Under 6 Feet, Cure his Yips and Cut 5 Shots off His Handicap… Virtually Overnight”


From the Desk of D.Shen

Melbourne, Australia

Hey there, my fellow golfing friend…

I know your time is precious and valuable, so let’s get straight to the point.

This is not your typical golf tips and advice website where you’d find common-place “golf tips” that any old man from your country club could give you.

This site will teach you something very different; something very POWERFUL.

So before I go on, I must give you this WARNING.

This isn’t like any other golfing website out there giving you old re-packaged tips and advice that have outlived their usefulness. If you want to impress your friends with some tricks, or some golf games to play with your friends, then move on, this site is NOT for you.

On this website, you will find the most advanced technology to triple your confidence in putting, sink all your short putts and make your buddies pay up their bets.

But with knowledge comes responsibility, and this information should definitely be handled with extreme care.

Ok, so let’s get into it…

My name is David, and I teach golfers of all levels to sink short putts with absolute confidence and eliminate ANY doubt, anxiety or nervousness that is associated with missing short putts.

As crazy as that sounds, it’s also VERY TRUE. So make sure you pay full attention.

If you want to sink almost all your putts under 6 feet with confidence, cure your yips (with super speed) and cut at least 5 shots off your handicap, then read the rest of this page carefully and the answers will be obvious to you…

Your Problems With Putting…

[L]et’s be honest here…

You’ve had issues with your putting before haven’t you?

Go ahead and tick the boxes that apply to you…

arrow Do You Sometimes MISS Short Putts and Then Hate Yourself For It?
arrow Are You Humiliated When You Miss A Short Putt You Knew You SHOULDN’T Have?
arrow Do You Get Incredibly Nervous When You Step Over a Pressure Putt or When Your Buddies Are Watching You?
arrow Do You Ever Notice Yourself Shaking Or Freezing Over Putts?
arrow Do You Sometimes Push or Pull Putts and Find It Difficult to Start the Ball On the Right Line?
arrow Have You Changed Your Putter Many Times In Hope to Find Something That Works?

Well, you know what? Thank the lord that you have just landed on this page. Because you are going to discover ways to eliminate all these symptoms associated with bad putting.

So let me take a moment to tell you about my story…

From Yips to Confidence

[I] have to tell you, having the yips sucks. Having experienced it first hand, I know what it feels like, and it is humiliating to the bone!

(Especially when I have a 5 foot putt to halve the club championship match, everyone is greenside watching and my hands start to shake…)

It’s humiliating, it’s so frustrating, and it totally destroys the enjoyment you were meant to have!

Not to mention everyone losing respect for you…

It sucks!

I’m sure you can relate to me…right? That feeling of everyone expecting you to make the putt, and they’re watching your every move… yet you seem to lose control over yourself…

You can’t get the ball to start on the proper line to save yourself.

Something somehow always goes wrong and you know it the moment the ball leaves the putter face.

You pull the putt. You push the putt. You stab at the putt. You jerk the putt.

Long story short, you #*@$ it up. You should have made it. But you didn’t.

Anxiety? Nerves?

Whatever the hell it is, you are ultimately humiliated.

Think about it for a moment, what’s worse than the humiliation of missing a short putt when everyone expected you to make that putt? (You know what I’m talking about!)

Nothing. Nothing at all.

I remember once years ago in a competition, I drove the green on a short par 4. A very gutsy drive that was well rewarded.

My ball lands slightly short of the green and rolls right up to the flag. I had a 5 foot eagle putt. (5 foot! No exaggeration!)

But the only thing is, it was downhill, left to right and I had no confidence in my putting. So as any golfer would putt without any confidence…I didn’t want to make a fool out of myself…

***Here’s what happened next***

Before I could realized, my mind had gone blank!!! I had missed the putt completely, and now I had a 7 foot putt back for birdie.


(I don’t remember whether I walked off with a birdie or par, it didn’t matter. What mattered was how I felt. And I felt like Sh*t.)

Fast forward a few years

Now… I kick ass on the green (and take names).

What’s the difference?

I would put it down to research, testing and teaching.

I had spent many years researching and learning about putting because at the time, I was competing at a state amateur level and I needed every advantage I could get. I read books after books, watched DVDs but most of the putting tips that you find are the same old “useless” stuff.

So I dug deeper, and met a few sports psychologists and peak performance consultants, and they taught me what I was REALLY looking for…

I found the real reason why I was putting badly and had no confidence…

And so I went on testing these theories, and spending month after month recording my own progress, figuring things out by myself…

My handicap dropped from 5 to 1 just by improving my putting, and suddenly everyone was asking me for putting tips and how I putt so well… (And just in case you don’t know, going from a handicap of 5 down to 1, is a BIG drop when you get down to those handicaps.)

And now I’ve taught literally hundreds of golfers of all different skills and abilities to enjoy their putting and sink short putts with confidence and authority.

I’ve developed a system and a set of drills that will help literally any golfer to sink more putts and eliminate doubts… and thankfully, this system is purely based on results. (Not like the “conventional” theories you would find in every golf book or magazine)

In fact, I started to teach putting and my terms were that… if you don’t get results, I don’t get paid. That was the philosophy I went by because I wanted others to get the same results I had gotten myself!

And this is something that I would like to share with you…

But before I do, let’s talk about your putting right now…

Are you experiencing doubts and nervousness when you are putting? Especially the short putts that other people expect you to make?

Are you frequently missing putts under 6 feet because you don’t start the golf ball on the right line to start with?

If you do, then I suggest you read and absorb everything on this page, (get rid of distractions), because you probably won’t get another genuine opportunity like this to fix your putting once and for all.

Do You Have Signs of the Yips?

[L]ook… want to know the shocking truth?

A huge percentage of the golfing population has the yips… (I think I’ve even read that about 50% of all golfers get the yips at some stage of their golfing life…)

And the unfortunate things is that most of us golfers don’t realize the early signs of the yips until it’s really TOO late. I mean, you’re shaking, jerking, freezing over the ball… (that’s getting deep into the hard-to-reverse stages…)

Here’s the thing… the yips don’t just develop overnight. They take weeks and months to fully develop and take over your putting. So if we can somehow notice and stop the progress earlier on… then we can really get a chance to turn it around and start to sink putts with confidence.

(of course if your yips are serious, then it isn’t impossible to reverse it completely… it’s just going to take a lot of work on your behalf and follow strictly the steps of what I teach…)

So here are the signs I would look for to see if the yips are developing in your putting…

1st Sign of the Yips

You notice that you’re not so confident over the short putts anymore…

Instead of picking out your target and pull the trigger, now you wait and hesitate… as if you are unsure about something. (of course, the longer you wait… the more likely you will jerk the putt offline…)

It’s that ounce of doubt that is now in your mind that is causing you to miss putts… and feeling frustrated.

But the worst thing is… no matter how hard you try and get “rid” of this doubt, it never goes away… it’s there to always remind you of the missed putts…

2nd Sign of the Yips

You feel afraid and nervous when you leave a long putt too far away from the hole.

When you don’t lag long putts close, you start to get uneasy. You know that the possibility of 3 putting is looming in the back of your mind and you just WISH that you didn’t leave the putt so short… (or so long).

So this possibility of three putting is always a threat in the back of your mind, because you know that you don’t like to take the pressure of making a short putt (that you know you should make!)

3rd Sign of the Yips

You take extra time to prepare for the short putts.

The more uncertain you get about your putting, the longer you take over those short putts…

None-the-less, the extra time never helps you to focus better and get rid of those putting doubts. (instead it gets worse).

Eventually you get so frozen over the ball that when you do go and take the putter head back…you JERK the putt!

4th Sign of the Yips

You try out different putters round after round.

(Don’t worry, I’ve been guilty of this one many times)

And just to let you know, (sorry to shatter your hopes…) but it’s not so much your putter as much as it is YOU who will sink putts or not.

A putter will never magically give you confidence out of thin air, confidence has to be strategically practiced, and therefore becomes a habit…

When you change putter after putter, what you’re really searching for is confidence with putting. But no new putter will ever give you that sense of confidence unless you know how to practice to gain confidence… (that’s what I’m an expert in teaching…)

5th Sign of the Yips

You HATE pressure putts.

You just HATE them with a passion and you wish you were never to be put in that situation ever again.

(Don’t blame you… who would want to be humiliated in public?)

But of course, if you play golf, you are bound to face some pressure putts. Whether it’s in a competition or just to win a bet with your buddies, you cannot escape facing pressure putts.

So what do you do? You crack under the pressure…

And then hate yourself for it… (or hate your putter… but it’s really not your putter’s fault!)

So… what should you do if you have any of these signs of the yips?

Trying These Things will NOT Help Your Yips…

[A]s you would probably know by now… your putting yips is really a psychological problem. (it started in your head…)

So that means we have to change your thinking, your emotional behavior with putting and your neuro-associations with putting. (all that means is that we have to change what you think, and how you feel about putting, to be able to regain your confidence and drop the doubt.)

So…first of all, changing your putter won’t help you. In fact, there’s a common phenomenon that occurs with golfers who switch putters often. They go out and putt really well for … 9 holes, a round , 2 rounds… and then suddenly, they lose the confidence again.

So they switch again. And the cycle continues and they never really find any long lasting confidence, they’re just trying to find that “honeymoon” period.

And that also applies with your putting grip.  Switching between cross handed… reverse overlap… the claw and back to the start… won’t improve your putting!

I know that’s a pretty big claim to make, but the logic is simple. The yips and putting is almost entirely psychological, so why try and change something mechanical? Shouldn’t you focus on changing that big lump of grey matter instead?

By the way, most putting gadgets on the market are also absolute rubbish! Why? They never address the core of the problem… and that problem is that you have doubts in your head when putting!

But instead…they try and make you believe it’s your putting stroke… (don’t get me started on this…)

You see most golfers never improve their putting because they’re simply focusing on the WRONG things!

“They” try and brainwash you to make you believe that you just need the latest putter with those fancy designs, or the putting gadget that makes everything seem straight… but at the end of the day, your putting still won’t get any better! (even with the latest and best designed)

This is because you haven’t addressed the cause of the problem…!

This is like putting a fresh coat of paint on your house when there’s a termite problem! (if you don’t address the cause soon, everything will collapse around you…)

And God forbid if you ever speak to your local golf pro…!

Common Lies Your Local Golf Pro Will Tell You about Your Putting…

Lies, lies, lies!

I know you probably don’t want to believe this… but facts are still facts, no matter how gruesome or shocking!

The truth is… most golf pros just want to make money from your golf game and take a slice of your wallet!

Think about it…their job and existence is purely supported by your golfing problems! So as long as you have a problem in your golf game… they will profit! (I know this sounds all negative and pessimistic… perhaps I’ve met one too many golf pros who over-charge and under-deliver, but just look at this with an open mind for a moment…)

If you and all the golfers in your neighborhood suddenly ran out of golfing problems… then what will happen to the local golf pro? He’ll be virtually out of business!

So if you were the local golf pro, would you want everyone to be problem-free in their golf? (I know you’re a saint and would never consider doing anything wrong to others, but what if you can’t put the bread on the table?)

So here are some lies that your local golf pro would commonly tell you…

Lie 1… You need regular putting lessons

Trust me, you don’t…

However what you do need is the right “key ideas and methods” of putting and some regular putting practice. (Not putting lessons but practicing the “right things”…)

Have you ever noticed that the golfers who get the MOST putting lessons from pros… tend to putt the WORST? (Perhaps you can relate to this?)

Why is this?

It’s because most pros won’t tell you the “right ways” to go about putting… because they KNOW that if you suddenly had NO PROBLEMS putting, then they can’t make more business out of you!

As you know…putting is much easier to perform physically, than the rest of the golf game. You don’t need much shoulder rotation in putting as if you were cranking out a punishing drive. So I thoroughly recommend you getting lessons in all other aspects of golf, but when it comes to putting, golf pros tend to do more harm than good.

Most teaching pros will get too technical about putting, and forget that putting is simply… find a target and execute. But instead… they talk about every single mechanical thing (that doesn’t really matter when you look at the bigger picture in the end…)

This is like you asking for the directions so that you can drive to the airport, and the pro telling you how the mechanics of the motor in your car works… it simply doesn’t make any sense.

Here’s the thing… Once you understand the 2 basic key elements of sinking short putts consistently, (that I’m going to show you on the next page…but keep reading), you will NOT need regular putting lessons ever again.

That’s not  to say that you shouldn’t polish your putting up now and then, but it just means that you’ll know exactly what to work on, and it’s so easy, you won’t need a pro to tell you what to do.

Lie 2… Your putting stroke needs “fixing”

How many times have you heard that one! But what golfers fail to realize is that their putting strokes have nothing to do with how many putts they sink!

It sounds so counter-intuitive, but the more you focus on your putting stroke, the worse you will putt!

Think about it…if you were to throw a ball across the room, do you ever focus on the angle of your elbow?  (if you’re like the rest of us normal human beings, then no, you wouldn’t)

But you’re doing the exact same thing when you’re thinking about your putting stroke whilst trying to sink a putt! It’s ridiculous.

Here’s the real “dark” secret of why they’re promoting the perfect putting stroke…

It’s so that you will be caught in a cycle of never-improving-your-putting, so that you will spend more money on their useless products! The more you buy into this idea of “perfecting your putting stroke”, the more gadgets and tools they can sell you and since your putting won’t improve anyway (because it’s not your putting stroke that is causing you to putt badly, it’s your mindset), the more you are trapped in this cycle.

So it’s a huge lie to say that… “if you improve your putting stroke, then you will sink more putts…”

Lie 3… This “new gadget” or new putter will FIX your putting forever…!

Oh really? Isn’t that what they said about the last “new gadget” or new putter?

Well, here’s the thing, big companies like Taylormade, Odyssey and PING will never stop producing new models and new putters. After all, who would want a 2005 model when you can have a 2011 model?

So there’s always this “big promise” that the newest model putter or newest gadget will fix your putting…

But the bad news is, they won’t.

Why? Because the cause of your bad putting is your mind…(you know this is true, so don’t BS yourself), so wouldn’t it be smart to “fix” your mind before you go and buy the latest putters or gadgets?

As I’ve mentioned, the best possible result from a new putter or new gadget is that you’ll use it for a while, and may even like it… but soon enough, old habits creep in and BAM… you start to yip putts again.

I’ve seen it happen again and again so many times that it’s become amusing to me. Too many golfers just don’t learn…(it’s not about the putter, it’s about you!!!)

So as much as I want you to have the latest and best golf gear, I don’t want you to buy into this “promise” that the latest and greatest will fix your putting… coz it won’t. Only you can fix your putting and it starts from your mind, your thinking… that’s the only place we need to start from to get you sinking more putts.

Now this is not to say that you should never trust a golf pro’s word… (I’ve made great friends with many golf professionals who are really genuine and really cares for his students), but just take your pro’s advice with a grain of salt.

I know I’ve gone on a rant here, but just remember… Putting is basically a very simple activity. The reason why we don’t putt well is because of our mind. It’s not because of our putter, our putting grip, our stance or our “lack of new gadgets”.

So if you really want to kick butt and sink putts, then you have to look at the cause of all your putting issues and totally reverse them. And until you do this, (and not buy the next “hot” putter thinking that it will fix everything), then you will start to eliminate the doubts and uncertainties in your putting, sink almost all of your putts under 6 feet and win the respect of your golf buddies.

Here’s What I’ve Done for You…

[I]’ve put together 5 years of personal research for you and I’ve condensed everything I’ve learnt down into 2 stupidly simple key steps to help you sink all your short putts with authority… starting today!

Imagine… no more doubts, no more worry, no more jerking putts!

Wouldn’t that be nice for a change?

And these 2 secrets are so stupidly simple that I feel stupid that it took me 5 years to figure it all out!

So if you think this is something you would like to learn more about…then put your name and email address in the form below and I will personally teach you these 2 stupidly simple secrets and help you to overcome your putting doubts and nerves, so that you can consistently and effortlessly sink almost any putt under 6 feet.

And by the way, if you don’t want to consistently and effortlessly sink putts and win the respect of your golf buddies, then this is probably not for you.

But regardless of whether you choose to find out more about it or not, I wish you the best of luck and happiness in your golf and in your life.

Warning... this is NOT for everybody

Signature David Shen

(Your Putting Performance Expert)

P.S. Remember… nothing else will EVER help cure your putting yips other than focusing on the mental aspect of putting FIRST. Anything else is simply a LIE! Don’t be FOOLED.

P.P.S. This page isn’t going to be here forever… I’m sure there are “putting gadget” companies out there trying to shut me down for telling you all this… so put your name and email in the form above before this page disappears forever…


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David isn’t a touring pro golfer. Nor is he a pro-shop based teaching professional.

However he does play off a handicap of 1 and does know how to help other golfers sink more putts, become more confident on the green and eliminate doubts and nervousness over the ball. Why is this? It’s because he’s had to first-handily discover and learn how to overcome the yips, escalate his own confidence and start sinking putts consistently on the green.

Years ago, David recognized that putting was the weakest area of his golf game. And in order to win tournaments, he knew he had to tackle this area of golf that seemed so frustrating at the time.

He could drive the ball as far as any other, iron shots as crisp as the best, but when it came down to putting… (especially under pressure), it fell apart. Something that seems so easy, like a 4 foot putt, can seem so unforgiving and so nerve-racking.

So in searching for answers, David read golf books after golf books, watched DVDs after DVDs, and in the end he realized that most of the advice would only work now and then. But nothing gave him consistent results.

Until he read the putting book written by Dr. Bob Rotella. Things started to click. It gave him hope.
So for the next few years, through trial and error, David managed to work things out, build his own confidence in putting from basically nothing to 100% rock solid certainty. Then he started to share his knowledge and teach other golfers his own methods, strategies and drills on sinking short putts, escalating putting confidence and eliminating doubts.

He knows what it feels like to have doubts on the green. He knows how humiliating it feels like to miss a short putt in front of a crowd and wishing it never happened. That’s why his methods are getting so many golfers results on the green.

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“This is Awesome. I have found so much more confidence in my putting after working through this 2 week program! I feel like my whole golf game has improved just because now I’m a whole lot more relaxed over short putts…”
Robert Constantine


“I highly recommend David’s program! It’s very simple to follow yet very powerful in its concepts. As a ski coach, I totally agree with the importance of the mental side for successful putting. David has done a great job putting this all together. This putting program is not about endless hours of putting practice, but it goes straight to the point, it’s fun and it is yet very effective. ”
Iva Dattelova

“I recommend this golf program to any one who wants to improve their putting! It has worked for me and I am certain that it will work for you too!”
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“YIPS are gone!!! You are sooooo right! Somehow every time I practice what you’ve taught me, I feel much better about my putting! Everything else I seem to read don’t help at all! I don’t know, maybe it’s my gut instinct to follow what works best, but this sure is working for me!”
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