The Most Ideal Way to Practice Your Putting Without the Frustration

Watch the entire video above to understand how you should go about your own putting practice sessions.

3 Things NOT to do whilst practice your putting (to maximize your results)…

1. Do NOT repeatedly practice putts that you’re not confident with.

If you continue giving yourself putts that you’re not 100 confident with, you will start to habitually feel uncertain and doubtful over your putts.

That’s not to say that a few putts that are challenging is bad, certainly not. In fact, I want you to challenge yourself all the time. But you don’t want to make it a habit in your putting to feel un-confident and uncertain over the ball.

See what happens to a lot of golfers is that they ‘re so habitually doubtful on the green that it becomes their predominant habit. So even when they do end up stepping over  an easy putt that they would normally be comfortable over, their predominant habit of doubtfulness kicks in.

So here’s what I recommend you do.

Always have at least 50% of all your putts in practice from a range that you’re absolutely confident in. Whether that’s 3 foot, 4 foot, I don’t care. You want to reinforce this feeling of confidence in your putting game, and this should be your number 1 objective when practicing.

2. Do NOT practice with more than 1 golf ball.

Putting with more than 1 golf ball takes away your focus from each and every single putt.

On the course when you’re playing a real round of golf, you can’t have mulligans. So don’t have them on the green when you’re practicing your putting.

You want to emulate the real experience of playing golf on the course, because that’s how you’re be able to transfer the skills gain on the practice green to the course.

So just use 1 golf ball when practicing, and remember, there are no mulligans and you have to take every single putt seriously.

3. Do NOT practice if you’re not going to take the practice seriously.

On the course, every putt counts. That means you have to give every putt 100% of your focus and concentration.

So if you need to make it a habit to give all your focus and concentration to your putts, then you must start by doing so in your practice sessions. It’s what you do in practice that you get rewarded by in competitions.

So what you got to do is take your time in practice. Regain your focus and give everything to every single putt. Remember, quality over quantity. I rather you make 5 good putts than 50 poor putts. I rather you spend 15 minutes of quality practice than 50 minutes of poor practice.

Do not stuff around on the practice green. If you do stuff around on a regular basis on the practice green, then you’ll find it difficult to actually focus on your putts when it really matters!


(Your Putting Performance Expert)

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P.P.S. Just a reminder that the 2 most important things in putter are… focusing on your target line, and building your putting confidence. So always aim to achieve these 2 outcomes when you’re practicing putting!

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